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A good society is the one which came from a good root of culture and producing great generations who knows how to value and cherish the richness of the culture it self. So let’s be a society as such one. Not only because it’s important, but it will make you look good!
-Ryan Hartono-

Dharma Pusaka is a story about bringing The heritage through the ages and keep it hype. It’s a journey of shimmering beauty that shine even brighter from time to time. Dharma Pusaka is an idea of knowing our roots and being the best of us at the same time.


Silk is well known as the ultimate genuine mother nature fabric used only in certain type of wardrobe for certain occations by certain chosen ones. Prada is the highest holy way to represent the value of a unique motives in couture industry. And batik tulis is the next step of valueing the batik culture and known for the result of hard work, integrity, creativity and commitment in so many different level. So what happened when those three comes in one shot?